Soul Songs


If you’re disappointed

It means that you care.

You’re strongly acquainted

With something quite rare:

A viable weakness,

You should sit this one out.

Your messed up, nice, sweetness

Is something to doubt.

Fire on the ready!

We’ll make our attack!

You’re clueless and steady

And on the wrong track.

So how about next time

Just don’t try or care.

A big social crime:

You’re un-zombie-like here.

© Soprano Soul


Lonely heart

Gentle soul

Feeling apart

From all that’s whole

Wanting more

From people close

Strong and secure

(Though know one knows)

Hiding out

From the pain

It flows throughout

Like endless rain

© Soprano Soul



Genuine souls

Are everywhere.

We are.



Stops us,

Inflicts pain

Upon ourselves

That radiates

To others.

We are losing

To life

When what’s important

Becomes falsehood

And lies.

© Soprano Soul 

Dream Snatchers

Compassionate dreams

And music schemes

To be the best

Won’t give it rest

If they could see

Just what I do

They’d let me be

This hero who

Believes in all

My students too

They won’t recall

This philosophy

To believe in others.

They don’t see.

All for one

And one for one

They won’t rest 

Until they’ve won.

© Soprano Soul


A hurricane of thoughts,

Lies, and betrayal.

My heart swept up in

Endless rain

Passionate anger and rage

Drowning in overwhelm,


Stress and regrets

Swirling up

To pull me into

A whirlwind

Of heartache and pain.

© Soprano Soul